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Due to improper management of the oil pool occurrence of copper reason for the c

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Due to improper management of the oil pool occurrence of copper reason for the change

Copper wire drawing, copper and eye pattern effect, contribute to the formation of stretch film line to reduce the friction of the oil, but the effect of the interaction between the surface unit pressure, can only form a boundary lubrication. Between the copper surface and the eye pattern of the film thickness measured only maintain law between 0.15-0.19 in the average number of friction, high pressure and high frictional heat effect depends on a good stretch of line and management, to achieve the requirements of high-speed wire drawing plant used typically copper wire drawing oil belongs to the group of rapeseed oil emulsified oil, with different additives, and various concentrations of oil to suit different diameter sizes, different speeds and different wire drawing wire drawing plant caused by the different lubrication requirement to maintain an appropriate thickness to reduce friction.
1. The wire drawing oil temperature is too high: the best use of wire drawing oil temperature between 45 ℃ ± 5 ℃, generally emulsified oil at this temperature, the oil molecules of the largest athletic ability, lubricity best, to get the maximum of minus friction effect. If the temperature is above 50 ℃ or more, emulsion stability and gradual destruction caused by rapid decomposition of oil, acid, anti-friction performance rapidly decreases, the rapid increase in copper. In addition to causing eye wear and break fast mode, but also cause discoloration of copper. When the high-speed wire drawing, usually extending into the copper cooling temperature is higher than the minimum oil temperature 5 ℃ -10 ℃ or more, while copper discoloration due to the temperature of 40 ℃ does not change color trends for more than 80 ℃ becomes red, purple becomes more than 120 ℃ , above 150 ℃ becomes black. While as wire drawing fluid temperatures up to 50 ℃ or more, except to make wire drawing oil degradation caused by long-term copper discoloration, but extending into finished copper temperature up to 60 ℃, is tending to change color.
2. The oil temperature is too low: such is below 30 ℃, wire drawing emulsified oil surface tension increases, oil lubrication is reduced, so that in addition to the friction caused by the rapid increase in break, the long-term use of a worn wire drawing oil, copper generated soap rapid increase in viscosity at low temperature, adhere to pump tank, pipeline, machinery and internal eye pattern entrance, in addition to lower lubricating effect caused by broken, the soap and the attached copper with copper ions attached to the copper wire, copper wire causing discoloration .
3. The oil content is too strong, causing the thick film, in addition to copper metal material contact with the mold surface into contact reduction,
Finished poor luster, but also due to the many parts of the oil, the oil film thickness increases, the surface of the copper bars to extend the line to complete retention of thick film, in the steaming hot stew or burning, evaporation of the water film to an oil point, causing stains color, thick line of stretch film, causing discoloration. The thicker film with copper ions (CU ++) with a film attached to the copper wire, copper ion activity of this rapid discoloration caused by copper, and copper retained in the thick of the film surface, and increase adhesion of dust pollution discoloration Happening. At the same time it also resulted in a thicker film stretching vibration of the line when the line, resulting in poor surface copper serpentine.
4. wire drawing oil concentration is not enough to form a film thickness insufficient, wear eye model quickly, generating a lot of copper, resulting in poor copper surface. Generate a large amount of copper wire drawing oil to make rapid acidification caused copper discoloration.
 5. The reason insufficient lubrication wire drawing oil will cause excessive loss of mold round tower. Friction between the friction surfaces of objects generated by the boundary layer of lubricant film composed of boundary friction. Wire stretched into the mold, due to insufficient lubrication oil capacity, the adsorption capacity of lubricating oil in polar molecules produced poor, so that the boundary wire and die friction generated increases, the formation of dry friction, causing the wire surface prone to glitches, scratches yin and yang face other issues.
Inner wire drawing wire drawing oil oil 6 has been aging, the use of long, potentially a large number of impurities, copper mud soap, copper ions. And this was due to the residual effect of the media to promote a more accelerated wire drawing oil acidification, resulting in a stretch of copper wire into a red, especially in the summer rain of more serious. Usually need regular testing to oil and aging conditions, such as rain over the best time to be able to extend the line of oil approaching new ones, in order to avoid annoying experience discoloration of the rain.
7. No oil pool filtration equipment, if properly managed, resulting in the body of copper filter paper on the soap totaled more than eye circles, copper ions coexist in the liquid line extension, extension line attached to the ion-made
Into color.
8. Copper wire drawing oil acidity discoloration relationship.
 (1) PH value of 7 or less, copper becomes red.
 (2) PH value of 11 or more, the alkalinity is too strong, black copper.
 Between (3) PH value 10-11, moderate alkaline copper becomes red
   (4) PH value between 9.5-10, mildly alkaline, copper brightness disappears.
Determination of management when needed copper wire drawing oil held in the PH value of between 7.5-9.5, add new oil or adjust the pH.
9. Replace the occasion of the new oil: general view of the old oil aging unusable and cause discoloration of copper, fully replaced with new oil should be completely changed the situation, but because of the new oil after several days use copper wire instead of an easier discoloration. After long-term use in the wire drawing oil, the oil in the oil system of the wall, the pump, piping, mud everywhere accumulation of copper, copper soap inside the machine. As with new oil to replace the failed to do a thorough cleared, to enable the new oil, wash with a new special forces forcing residual of copper mud, copper soap is completely washed out, the oil floating on the surface of the pool. In this case the residual copper ions dissolved in total before wire drawing oil, large amounts of copper ions in the copper turned red. or with new oil to clean out the residual coke aging oil, upon extended product line will be placed in the entrance of eye pattern, or out with the film, causing a black stain, easier to mold and eye damage.
10. For the mixed wire drawing oil machinery lubricants, because the machine is generally used in the lubricating oil such as gear oil, hydraulic oil, insoluble in water, water-insoluble gear oil floating on the surface of the oil tank, the pipe line extending swallowed oil unsaturated fatty acids, such wire drawing oil emulsion, cleaning, lubrication capacity decreased, resulting in quality copper appears red, color and so on.

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