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Drawing oily Pool Maintenance and User Guide

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Drawing oily Pool Maintenance and User Guide

Good management, machinery and equipment in order to make health and longevity, and the excellent quality of the product, is a modern factory management of the main topics.
Management points are:
1. Use the appropriate drawing oil
2. The proper storage: Store in the best room. Avoid the sun and rain in the cold outdoors.
3. use, according to a certain time up oil and water. Brushed regularly check the quality and liquid oil change, and as a record.
4. The waste oil
Water-soluble drawing oil Manual
Two objects in contact with each other, the external force testimony relative movement, cause friction in the metal surface friction process, the wire surface will produce a lot of heat, causing the wire and touch with the wear and tear, to reduce friction and energy consumption reduce the wire surface wear and prolong life have to use lubricants.
"HUOSIN" environmentally friendly water-soluble copper wire drawing oil series, with lubrication and cooling, can be reduced
Wire and die friction losses and avoid metal corrosion rot consumption, ensure the quality of the wire.
Copper wire drawing in the drawing process, drawing influence factors are: 1 compression ratio .2 .3 strength metal molds (drawing dies hole roughness drawing die material.) .4 .5 Lubricating fluid cooling effect... .
Wherein the lubricating fluid caused by the stretching effect of specific management matters:
A. Water
Water accounts for the vast majority of the field was in the drawing, so the water quality is good or bad the merits of drawing fluid have great relationship. Water can be divided into hard water softener.
1. Soft water: 50PPM less hardness, less 10PPM chloride, and free of sulfate ion is a suitable softener.
2. Hard water: hardness than 200PPM hard water is bad.
Disadvantages: As more impurities, it will affect their life line liquid.
Improvement: selection of deionized water, soft water boiler condensate or after the softening.
II. Temperature
Temperature is a more important factor in such a high lubricity material.
1. The high temperature: poor lubrication, mold consumption, and easy separation of oil and water, easy to aging.
2. Low Temperature: Flaky, easy to breed bacteria, foaming.
Measuring range: temperature is maintained at between 35 ℃ -45 ℃.
Measuring instruments: Thermometer
Measuring cycle: 2 times / day
Three: Concentration
High concentrations: increased cost, easy to produce precipitation, wire surface dirty.
Low concentration: poor lubrication, mold consumption, easy to scratch the surface of the metal wire.
Control range: 2-4% (small pull oil)
Brix measurement after zero: measuring instruments
Measuring cycle: 1 times / day
Four: PH value
High PH: good cleaning, lubricity lowered.
PH Low: unstable oily, prone to bacteria.
Control range: 8.5-9.5
:( Measures high: low acetate; KOH, triethanolamine)
Measuring instruments: PH value to zero over the instrument
Measurement period; 1 / day
Five: electrical conductance
Determination of apparent conductance (other metal ions precipitate copper ions) line ion concentration
Conductivity too high: ion concentration will destroy the quality of copper wire drawing liquid and
Control Range: <6000 / n cm
Measuring cycle: 1 times / week
Six: oil tank
Function 1. Oil tank: cooling the metal precipitate
2. circulating pool of oil: oil pool has a good cycle, it will be the life of the cooling effect
Good increase. On the contrary, its life will be shortened, more likely to breed bacteria. It has two control points: (1) do not have dead ends, (2) Do not roll too much...
3. The oil tank design: the use of a substantial proportion between the oil tank capacity and wet stretch machine lubrication, the correct period of 25-30 minutes is ideal, if the cycle is too long, long lubrication
Solutions drawing rate than the consumption of fatty acids more quickly, this resulting in PH value decreased, resulting in increased machine precipitate
Machine gear oil pollution seven.
Machine gear oil will cause an increase in sediment, it will result in the following consequences:
1. emulsification destruction.
2. The heat causes the wire surface bad.
3. Drawing resulting liquid oxygen is reduced.
Maintenance method: If this happens, the machine should be clean, and repair of oil spills at the same time, the central surface floating oil sump is removed, then the solution is adjusted to the scope of management.
VIII. Mould
Quality of the mold will directly affect the quality of its wire.
IX. Bacteria
Bacteria will swallow oil fatty acid, emulsified drawing liquid damage, resulting in a viscous or sticky surface, thus making drawing liquid becomes smelly, dirty and aging, affect the quality of the wire.
Control range: 102-103
Measurement instrument: bacterial incubator
Measuring cycle: 1 times / month
Maintenance: Use fungicides my company provides

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